Call of Atlantis Playrix Entertainment 2008

After many years of prosperity, the people of Atlantis forgot and neglected their patron god, Poseidon. In anger, Poseidon removed the seven crystals of power that gave Atlantis its prosperity and sealed the Altar of Poseidon so they could not easily be replaced. He then scattered the seven crystals in seven lands: Rome, Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Carthage. You must unseal the Altar of Poseidon and solve the puzzles of all seven lands to restore all the crystals of power and save Atlantis. Will you heed the Call of Atlantis? This is a match three and hidden object puzzle game and the sequel to The Rise of Atlantis. Using you mouse, you must first drag items to the altar seals, like a feather, plant, sunflower, etc., to break each seal. Next, travel to the first land, Rome, to solve its puzzles. On the match three puzzles, you must swap two cells to create a row of three or more of the same. There are pieces of an item that you must collect by making them get to the bottom of the puzzle. You can also collect bonuses, like the Bomb of the Titans, that destroys all the cells in a specified area, or the Lightning of Zeus, that destroys all of one type of selected cell everywhere on the puzzle. If you make enough groups of four or more items, you will charge a power up that, when activated, randomly destroys several cells in the puzzle. Do not delay in that the match three puzzles are timed. In the hidden object puzzles, you will have four items that have been broken into pieces and the pieces scattered about a picture. You must locate and click each piece so as to collect the four items. Once all the items of a land have been collected, you must place them in their correct spots of a picture to retrieve the crystal but the crystal then shatters. Now you must return to the picture and locate and click each shard of the crystal to restore it and place it in the altar. Once you have returned the crystal to the altar, it is off to the next land.
Full Demo 55MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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