Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Square Enix 2018

Experience an exciting addition to the Final Fantasy XV Universe in the form of a mobile adventure for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices, which retells the story of Final Fantasy XV like never before using casual touch controls optimised for mobile devices. It has a cute art style that will appeal to mobile and existing players alike. It contains all of the main characters and main story of the console and PC versions, with the freedom to play whenever and wherever you want. All 10 episodes will be available from Day 1 and the first episode will be available for free. There's three buttons for different weapons, and special moves and spells assigned to a separate button on the screen. Moving around is done by tapping the spot you want Noctis, the main character, to run, and boss fights are completed with quick time events where you've got to tap at the right time to deflect attacks. These will be how the huge fights with gigantic god-like creatures go on as the game progresses.
Win10 Free Chapter 1 (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

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