Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen Dark Flame Wolf 2014

This is a fan-made sequel to the Mega Man franchise built utilizing the Game Maker Pro ver. 8.1 engine from the ground up from the shell framework of Megaman Rocks; another fan-made sequel by Eric Ruth. The game starts off with Mega Man being summoned after several Robot Masters from the past are laying siege to the city and are stealing robot schematics and plans from the central Robot Museum. Mega Man warps there only to find that he is too late and that Knight Man (apparently Dr. Wily's new right-hand man) succeeded in stealing robot data to be cloned and used. We then get to the stage selection screen proper where there is an unusual number of 10 Robot Masters to tackle compared to the traditional 8. Features: 20 levels with 1 secret level included; 3 rush upgrades - Rush Coil/Marine/Jet; 7 more upgrades to find that either increase your health per item, reduce damage, give you a one-shot invulnerability to spikes, let you exit a level early or slowly recover health and more; Tons of alternating and branching paths per level giving you full freedom how to best tackle any one level; 3 Bounty Hunters who pop in randomly throughout the 10 Robot Master stages, its up to you to finish them off right then and there or fear facing them once again in the final stages where they will be harder; Classic movements including: jumping, firing, sliding, mega buster charging, etc. There is also an Abridged edition that removes all alternate paths from every level, shrinks them down considerably and removes the MM Killers from the Robot Master stages - this was to address complaints about the original.
Free Game v1.44 82MB (uploaded by RPG Maker)
Abridged Edition v1.1 75MB (uploaded by RPG Maker)

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