Tower of Succubus, The Libra Heart 2016

On a full moon night, the long slumbering succubus awoke. Ascend the tower in the clouds; defeat enemies, slip through traps; obtain the key to the next floor. This adult hentai platformer and third in the Succubus series has 50 total HCG images. Books strewn about the tower have delightful secrets within. 13 Categories of H Pixel Animation. Of course you get to see how the succubus drains her prey. Anime 8bit style, Retro Action Game - Super simple, fun play. Even playing with a keyboard, the game is winnable. Instant Gallery Unlock - If you don't like the collectible aspect, press the H key on the title screen 20 times et voila... all CGs are yours to behold.
Level Demo 14MB (uploaded by DLSite)

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