I Fell From Grace Deep Taiga 2017

You take on the role as Henry, a man in his mid-40s whose life is not going as it should. Only just coming to terms with the death of your unborn child, you now have to keep your head above water as your wife Grace is diagnosed with a terminal illness. The mounting medical debts are something you can only dream to pay off with your low wage from a stagnant position in medical research. But then, one day, seemingly out of the blue, what promises to be a miracle cure for Grace lands in your lap. But as always, nothing comes for free - and when you set out to try to unravel the mystery of where this mysterious cure came from, things take a very sinister turn. Set in modern day Maine with a backdrop of never-ending autumn rain, It's a side scrolling 2D pixel adventure mystery game that blends storytelling and puzzle solving with a branching narrative which means that the decisions you as a player make, will affect how your story unfolds. It's a poetic journey, where all your interactions with work colleagues and townsfolk are all presented in rhyme.
Download: None currently available

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