Chuzzle: Christmas Edition Raptisoft, LLC / PopCap Games, Inc. 2008

This is Chuzzle Deluxe with the graphics altered to give it a Christmas theme. The game is, otherwise, the same. You slide entire rows or columns to get three or more Chuzzles together in a group to clear them.There are still four play modes. In Classic Chuzzle, you will have to face locks and Mega Chuzzles. A lock will prevent the row and column where it is located from being able to move. A Mega Chuzzle can move but will not slide off the screen. Both can be cleared by making matches with them. In Speed Chuzzle, you must make a move before the clock runs out or a Chuzzle will get locked. Otherwise, this mode is the same as Classic Chuzzle. In Zen Chuzzle, there are no locks and no clock. In Classic Chuzzle and Speed Chuzzle, if you cannot make any more matches, you can scramble the Chuzzles but only two times then the game is over. In Classic Chuzzle, Speed Chuzzle and Zen Chuzzle, you can get a hint at a loss of points. In Mind Bender, you are shown a pattern on the left side of the screen and you must shift the Chuzzles until they match that pattern.
Full Demo v1.01 8MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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