Succubus Hunter Libra Heart 2016

The fourth game in the Succubus hentai adult game series has a Gameboy feel and lewd treasures. Feast your eyes on the pixel world in all its nostalgic monochromatic glory. Once again the game is localized into English by a professional translator from the Dlsite Official Translation team. Whether you're already an LH fan or playing for the first time, this game's accessible to all comers. To save her little sister, Silvia braves the old castle - which is now a succubus lair. Armed with an exorcist's whip, slash your way through 5 stages of monsters who have their own dire designs. Classic Gameboy green quad-tone color; the joy of cutting thru swaths of enemies; and titillating pixel ecchi along the way. 30 erotic CG images in total. Play with a new character on your second playthrough.
Trial Demo 5MB (uploaded by DLSite)

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