Who's your Santa !? 5Wolf 2017

Want some Christmas miracles? We've got some for you, a story as "beautifu" as Christmas in July. Is your mental state still in order? We'll fix that. The game is the puzzle that will wreck a couple of your brain cells. The game that will test your maddest fantasies. If you'll finish it on the first try, you should then ask yourself: "Am I alright?" The game after finishing which you'll need 5 years of enhanced therapy. And us too, btw. And don't say that we never warned you. You've got friends? Wrack their brains. You've got enemies? Wrack their brains. You've got a YouTube channel? You know what to do. Features: The story that you'll forget only after erasing your memory; Crazy locations created with mad fantasies, black humour and banter over stereotypes; Four soundtracks that you'll want to add to your daily playlist; Collection Cards; Achievements.
Download: None currently available

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