G.H.O.S.T Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire Aisle 5 Games, Inc. / Big Fish Games, Inc 2009

After the appearance of a ghost at the Spears Renaissance Fair brought the place to ruins, its owners decide to hire a paranormal investigator to exorcise the phantom, or at least to uncover a possible hoax. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements. The objective is to explore the abandoned stalls, shops and remaining places of the Fair, finding and clicking on objects and storing some of them to solve puzzles and move to other locations. The navigation interface follows the standard set many years ago by point-and-click adventures like Myst, where each location is presented as a series of mostly static screens. In some places, it is necessary to pan horizontally to see the full extent of the scenery, with the cursor becoming a green arrow when over one of the exit hotspots. Ghosts and the park staff appear on several locations giving hints, quests and information about the case and the history of the park. On most scenes, the initial goal is to use the Magic Eye device to scan the environment for clues. This tool acts as a paranormal detector, replacing the cursor and showing through its viewer any glowing ghost activity. In some cases, the viewer collects a list with names entries for objects that must be retrieved from the location. In other instances the viewer finds a complete object, and the player has to find and click on its scattered pieces on the scenery. The inventory is accessible at the bottom of the screen, and the stored objects have to be dragged and dropped from it to logical places of the scenery. A key, for example, can be used on a lock to open it. Fairies can also be found amongst the hidden items, giving extra hints when collected. The hint fairies can be summoned with the button at the bottom-right, flying towards one of the required objects to point its exact position.
Full Demo 115MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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