Space Hulk: Harbinger of Torment Campaign Full Control Studios / Full Control 2014

As the Space Hulk, the Harbinger of Torment, emerged from the warp it is discovered to be on a collision course with the planet Baal. Several attempts are made to change course, but all fail. A team of the Imperium’s finest warriors is sent to the Harbinger of Torment to try and reverse the engines or stop them altogether. Failure is not an option. This DLC campaign has 5 missions in order: Breakthrough, Heart and Soul, In Control, Gauntlet, Surgical Destruction. It has been specially designed for 3 player co-op (you can play 4, but then one needs to play as the Genestealers), but can also be played in single player mode and versus mode. This is a very challenging campaign so teamwork is necessary if you want to succeed.
included in Space Hulk Ultimate Pack - Multi7 Digital ISO Demo 1.18GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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