Escape Zombie Land Forty Avenue games / Easy Entertainment 2017

This is an Armageddon (zombie) theme, the pixel style horizontal action RPG game. Like all doomsday themes, the protagonist is trapped in a world surrounded by zombies, and the only friends are dogs that accompany him. In search of the missing family, the protagonist took up arms and set foot on the seemingly unreturned road. Danger in this full of desperation, as the protagonist of his not only in the face of turbulent zombie army, challenges facing multiple levels, in the face of powerful boss, more want to face the most vulnerable in the last test of human nature. Features: Experience an original story; Enjoy 10 original music; Defeat more than 35 different shapes of zombies by using a variety of weapons, which can be collected from each stage; Use different strategies and techniques to beat five BOSSs; Unlock more than 10 original puzzles per different ways; To dodge or crack 30 different straps - some straps need to cooperate.
Download: None currently available

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