Betsy Goes To Preschool Merlin Interactive Systems 1996

She is Betsy, a very applied and responsible cow that is going to start preschool or kindergarten, situation that finds her anxious and excited in equal parts. In addition to love for knowledge, Betsy has a best friend and pet, the dog Euclides, which, of course, is her antithesis: reckless and reckless. However, it is the puppy that drives our talented cow to exercise her brain. Examples: Euclid comes running and messes up the number cubes (then you have to place them correctly); Euclid barks at the trunk of the figures and is kidnapped by the monsters of the mysterious tree (obviously, we have to rescue him). This is a training and skill program aimed at the youngest: from 3 to 5 years. To meet these objectives, it presents two cute 3D characters and different games with four levels of difficulty. Through the magic telescope, the children practice the location of the letters on the keyboard, explore the alphabet, complete, copy or write names of objects and animals. The rescue of Euclides from the mysterious tree, meanwhile, offers an arcade style journey where they will have to recognize and discriminate figures until they reach the goal. But there are also cubes with numbers and the Games Center, which offers a puzzle, a movie machine and a memory board, in which pairs of cards must be formed. Benefits: It works in the identification of numbers, letters and figures; develops reading and writing through the formation of words, enriching the child's vocabulary; Wwrks sequences, associations, series and geometric shapes; It presents different levels of difficulty; multilingual program (Portuguese, English, Spanish and German), also allowing its use in learning foreign languages; Graphics and sounds in 3D; Activities and scenarios presented in a random way: new accesses present different navigation sequences; Performance monitored by the program. Activities: Memory game, Puzzle, Film machine.
ISO Demo 301MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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