Bibi und Tina 5: Das sprechende Pferd [G] KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2002

Bibi and Tina are on their way again to solve a magical case. In Bibi and Tina and the talking horse, the player helps the two friends to figure out the trick with which the circus horse Miraculus can be made to speak. The former owner of the horse, the clown Beppo died and took the secret to the grave. But making Miraculus so important is not just because Miraculus is one of Zampano's biggest attractions. The Count is preparing a large jewelery exhibition in the castle and Miraculus is the only witness when a thief tries to steal the jewels. The player not only helps Bibi and Tina to decipher the horse's secret language, he also has to help unmask the thief. Gimmick to the game is the opportunity to design in a horse atelier own horse images and print out as a coloring sheet or colored mini poster.
German ISO 305MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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