Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare Gogii Games Corp. 2008

Lottery winner Flora Dale has a suspicious accident and wakes up in a hospital bed with amnesia. As she begins to recover her memory, a plot against her life becomes more clear. This is an adventure and hidden object game, with puzzles between each scene. The game is divided in sections corresponding to a piece of memory from the convalescent main character. The player has to find and click on objects shown as grayed images at the top of the screen, collecting and using them on parts of the scenery. Clicking on some objects or portions of the screen open up a small interactive window. A column at the right side has a chronometer, showing the time left to solve the scene, and series of dots marking the progress. Wrong clicks and the hint button take some minutes off the clock. After solving the scene, one or two puzzles appear on a separate screen. They are logic games, where the player must move pieces with the mouse. Some are implementations of well-known classic games, like Tower of Hanoi, jigsaw puzzles, concentration, peg solitaire and Sudoku, while others are more original. A number of rounds must be completed before moving to the next scene, and they can be skipped up to two times.
Full Demo 83MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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