Hidden Wonders of the Depths ERS G-Studio / Reflexive Entertainment Inc. 2008

This is a matching game with an undersea theme, where three or more ocean fixtures have to be matched to clear a grid. The objective is to clear the path leading to a treasure chest, so a crab can reach and open it. Inside the chest sits a piece of a broken object that fits one of the spaces of a jigsaw silhouette at the left of the screen. The game has the standard variations to the formula, as well: chained tiles that can only be removed after being matched, stone tiles that must be broken, etc. There are sections with completely different gameplay, borrowed from other casual genres. In the hidden object screen, the objective is to click on a number of objects and sea creatures within a time limit, without hints. Other gameplay variations include concentration and jigsaw puzzles.
Full Demo 25MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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