House Of Wonders 2: Babies Come Home Absolutist Ltd. / 2008

Larry's wife is about to give birth to quintuplets, and must have supplies for the delivery and nursing of the babies. This is a hidden object game, where the player finds and clicks objects on rooms, picking the required ones from a list at the left side of the screen, within a time limit. Each object found adds money to a balance tab at the top. The money is used to buy assorted merchandise on a separate section of the game, where the player can purchase houses, vehicles, accessories for the nursery and other things. Each stage is comprised of several different rooms, each with a different theme and some with slight variations to normal gameplay. On the bottomless room, the objects are forever falling and spinning. On the space room, the player must click on pairs that float through space. On the theater, the cursor is a spotlight and the objective is to find the people shown at the bottom. In the river, objects flow with the current, going from one side of the screen to the other. One room has a card game with pictures of people, where pairs must be removed to liberate the cards trapped underneath them. The money can be gambled with a wheel with bets on the red, black or yellow stripes that multiply the cash by two, three or six respectively.
Full Demo 121MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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