Quiz Academy [Da] Ivanoff Interactive A/S / Transposia 1998

This combines the elements of a game about the parade of quiz programs from television. You can choose which level to play. There are 4 levels that are customized so there is a sensible balance in the difficulty levels of the questions, which makes it possible to play more people at the same time with different levels. The game is built as a television show, where the host Virgil manages the participants through a quiz with 12 questions. The actual quiz procession is built as a 12-step pyramid, where it's about getting to the top first. Each step represents a category of questions that must be answered in order for you to proceed. The categories are divided into subjects such as sports, geography, entertainment, art etc. You start with the game with either 3000 or 10,000 kroner, and for each step you want up the pyramid you have to pay 2500 kroner per step after which you get a question - if the answer is wrong, you lose the money you bet - the answer is really you win enough money to move on to the next step. There is a small strategic element where if you are not totally crazy about a category,then you can wait a couple of laps and collect enough money to pay to get 2 or more steps up the pyramid to skip the category. It's about getting up first, so if one of the opponents is a bit too far ahead, if you have enough money you can challenge them. If you have not found a winner before the time expires, there is a bonus quiz on top of the pyramid, where everyone has the chance to win 100,000 by turning pieces and answering questions. Depending on how much money you have and how good you have been to answer the questions along the way, you get so many chances to win the money. There are 5284 different questions in the game, and to make sure it's not just extra-learning, the game saves your name along with a file that tells you what questions you've got, how many questions you've answered correctly and which of Virgil's comments you have heard. One of the reasons that it saves your results is that you regularly get diplomas to answer the questions correctly. Even when you have answered 25 questions correctly, you get the first diploma, but it's a long way to get the ultimate achievement that comes when you've responded correctly to 5200 !! Questions. The game is made to play up to 8. At a time against each other, so there is ample opportunity to involve the whole family. But you can also play alone against the computer or over the internet with other players.
Finnish ISO Demo 304MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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