Dora's Star Catching Nick Jr. Games 2004

This is a kiddie game in which the little ones have to catch stars under the watchful eyes of Dora. The game is simple in concept and easy to understand by any child. Using your mouse, you have to click on stars to get a hold of them, and then drag them into backpacks. The stars are of different colors and the bags they have to be in need to correspond to those colors. There is also a bit of a challenge in the game. The stars move around in patterns or at random, and the backpacks change colors between them. Once a bag is colored, the player has to move fast to grab the star and put it where it needs to go. Also, everything is against the clock. It comes with two difficulty level, easy and hard, but the distinction between them is almost nonexistent. Playing in hard mode there are more stars to collect but they seem to move slower than those that are in easy mode. The nicest thing about the game is that throughout the entire game time, you can hear Dora’s voice and words of encouragement.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by GameGape)
Full Demo 10MB (uploaded by MasonRocks)

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