Little Shop: Road Trip GameHouse, Inc. 2008

A shop owner decides to make a road trip around the United States, finding new items to sell on locations across the country. This is a hidden object game, where the player has to find and click on all the required objects from a list at the bottom of the screen, on locations filled with assorted things, within a time limit. Each object found adds a star to a meter at the top of the screen. A minimum of ten objects have to be found to finish successfully the location and move to the next one. The game stages are called trips, and are comprised of several locations. Besides the regular objects, there are special items that help the search. The thermometer shows the list items on freezing or burning states, indicating how close the cursor is to the object. The magnet shakes when near one of the objects, making them vibrate too when passing close. The ? marks add to the hints at the top, that temporally replace the list names with pictures of the objects. Bonus games appear between the stages. In one of them, the objective is to find several instances of the same object. In another the goal is to drag and drop objects to their silhouettes on the scenery. In others, the player has to pick the scattered pieces of an object and reassemble them on the silhouette window at the top of the screen. All the locations completed on the regular game are unlocked in Blitz Mode, where the objective is to find all the objects on the screen, as fast as possible.
Full Demo 46MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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