Bibi Blocksberg 12: Der verhexte Liebesbrief [G] Morgen Studios / KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2005

In Bibi Blocksberg - The bewitched love letter, Bibi has fallen in love. The little witch raves for Joachim, a boy from her school. She writes him a real love letter, which she bewitches with a special love hex. This starts a big mess. Because everywhere, where the postman comes with the letter, the citizens of Neustadt fall in love: the policeman falls in love with the traffic light, the neighbors in Bernhard Blocksberg and Mrs. Kolumna in their own reflection. A funny sight, but now the city is upside down - the New Town newspaper can not be printed, the cars are in a traffic jam and the neighbors want to kiss Bernhard. In 12 individual games, the player helps Bibi to put everything back in order and to reverse the love witchcraft.
German ISO Demo 345MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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