Panic at Multiverse High! DoubleBear Productions 2016

When you wake up disoriented and barely knowing your name and nearly late for high school and then threatened by a weird tentacle guy in a letterman jacket - what's a hero to do? Become the coolest person at Multiverse High, of course. Join the PANIC! cast in their visual novel debut, as you join weird clubs, experience insane classes, celebrate bizarre holidays, and befriend wildly different potential best pals in your quest to tell your rival Chad that he is a massive jerk. (Oh, and figure out why all these strange people are in high school and why you keep having mysterious headaches for odd reasons, that too.) Features: Eighteen possible besties; Six clubs; Four classes; Three stats; Friendship and stat-based reactivity; The word count is a really high number I can't remember right now but it's REALLY HIGH, TRUST ME.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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