Way Out, A Hazelight / Electronic Arts Inc. 2018

An action-adventure game designed with co-op gameplay for two people in mind from the creators of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. The main protagonists are two convicts: Vincent and Leo. Together they are devising a way to escape from prison and then build their lives anew outside its walls. When it comes to mechanics, it offers quite a variety in gameplay. Over the course of the story campaign the players will take part in fist fights, shootouts, car pursuits, stealth sequences and so on. Other noteworthy features are the advanced AI, and freedom when it comes to tackling in-game challenges. As befits a co-op game, the key to success lies in skillful cooperation between the two heroes. Just for that, it offers both a local split screen mode and online play. Play the entire experience with your friends for free using the one-click free trial feature. As for technical aspects, the game uses the advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology for generating graphics.
Download: None currently available

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