Mr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl Jenkat Games / 2008

Mrs. Cambridge, a wealthy woman taking a cruise, is murdered in her first night aboard the ship. A detective starts to investigate the case and interview suspects, always accompanied by the victim's pet, a pug called Mr. Biscuits. This is a hidden object game. A map of the ship shows all the available places open to investigation. In most rooms, the objective is to find all the items from a list at the bottom of the screen, within 10 minutes. In some instances, the player has to use a forensic tool to find fingerprints and other clues. Finding Mr. Biscuits on the scene gives an extra clue. Each completed room adds a clue to the case file. Three hints are available as dog biscuits at the bottom left. They make one of the required objects spin, stretch or jump to indicate its position. The game comes with two modes, Relaxed and Story. Relaxed mode has no plot, and random objects.
Full Demo 51MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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