Benjamin Blumchen: Das Reporterspiel [G] BVM Produktion GmbH / KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2000

This is an adventure game for children. Benjamin Blümchen and Otto want to help Karla Kolumna with her newspaper work and have to take photos for that. To find the right motives, different tasks at different locations have to be solved. A creativity-enhancing game for children from 4 years, based on motives of the popular series about the elephant Benjamin Blümchen. Just today she lost by a stupid coincidence the special supplement for the newspaper of tomorrow. A disaster, but Karla has a sensational idea. Of course, Benjamin and Otto are happy to help Karla and get down to work. But they cannot do it alone. The weather machine of Professor Hagelkorn is broken and the complaints about the bad weather are piling up. The poorest person is really not in the mood for a photo. The new dinosaur skeleton in the museum has collapsed and has to be rebuilt. The firefighter is stuck in a tree because the ladder of his fire engine is no longer retractable. How do you get him down from there again? And as soon as Otto is on the Duck Island, hiding the duck family and youngsters. Do you want to support Benjamin and Otto in their tasks? The few photos to make for the newspaper can not really be that hard, right? And with Benjamin and Otto's help, that certainly works.
German ISO Demo 173MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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