Mystic Diary: Lost Brother SunRay Games / Big Fish Games Inc 2009

A 19th century magician starts searching for his brother after losing contact with him, embarking on a quest around the world to exotic and isolated places of the globe. This is an adventure and hidden object game with simple puzzles tailored for the casual market. The game moves from location to location, presented as a single and mostly static screen, with the plot being developed and told through short introductions on open books and monochromatic sketches between the scenes. The initial goal of each chapter is to collect and store a series of objects inside the inventory slots at the bottom, from where they can be dragged and dropped on the appropriate and logical parts of the scenery to solve puzzles. The cursor turns into a magnifying glass when hovering over one of the necessary objects. The stored inventory objects can be combined to create new items. The interactive parts of the screen sparkle to indicate their presence and help the player find them. A window containing a separate mini-game appears after clicking on certain hotspots. Some are hidden object challenges, where the objective is to find and click on the items shown as gray images on a list at the bottom. Others are mechanisms and puzzles that have to be manipulated directly with the mouse to be solved. After finishing the adventure portion of the scene, the player has to search and find all the items from a list of objects replacing the inventory at the bottom. The hint button shows the exact position of one of the required objects. At the end of each chapter, the player has to drag a giant magnifier cursor all over the screen to uncover a fiery magical symbol.
Full Demo 108MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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