Benjamin Blumchen: Wie geht das? Der Stra├čenverkehr [G] KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2001

How does that work? Traffic... is the second episode in the new knowledge series with Benjamin Bl├╝mchen. Together with the good-natured and talking elephant from Neustadt and his friend Otto, the little ones will learn all about road traffic this time around, For example, how traffic lights work, how to recognize game roads, what certain prohibition signs mean, which are the safest ways, or how to dress properly. So watch out and click correctly: How must the lights shine so that all cars stop and the pedestrians can go? Which way is Otto most secure in Benjamin? Where are light strips, hard hats and reflectors missing in the picture? Which road sign fits which photo? The advantage of an interactive traffic school is obvious here. The small users playfully open up all the traffic rules themselves. With singing traffic lights, the lying or upside-down traffic light men have, colorful crosswalks or nonsense signs, under which the right traffic signs must be selected, which makes everyone determined fun.
German ISO Demo 210MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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