Oh My God, Look At This Knight Foxoft / Azamatika 2018

The Knight. The one who guards the crown. The one who protects innocents at all costs. The one who makes justice to prevail. Today's sirs don't remember any of it... They drown in loathness, only able to feast and prance on their steeds. It is time to remind them who the knight is. And when the last dragon is slain, when good triumphs and my glory spreads over the lands, people will hail: OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS KNIGHT! You are a brave knight, who must to help villagers solve their problems. Grab your shiny helmet and trusty sword, gather all the valor and honor you have, and experience possibly the most heroic fifteen minutes in your life. Smash cabbage, destroy scarecrows, battle evil demons and fight for justice. Features: RPG gameplay; 5 unique missions; An epic story; Lots of secrets.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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