Riverhill Trials Watercolor Games 2018

This is a first person platform adventure set in a dynamic environment. The player character finds himself trapped in a forest. He doesn't know how he got there, he only remembers waking up in a space ship and moving around the galaxy avoiding asteroids and finally landing on this strange, living planet. The forest will test the player by changing surroundings around him as he moves forward, trying to stop him from leaving Riverhill at all cost. Features: Dynamic Environment - Everything you see might or might not be real - the walls fall, the rocks move, the trees fall - the forest will test you. Dozens of Challenges: Find all the collectibles, avoid the pits by mastering the art of jumping onto moving platforms and find your way out of Riverhill. Stunning Environment: The map has been carefully crafted, you will explore over 15 different areas, each one having its own charm. A Fun Story: The main character is a fun guy, he'll talk to you, and occasionally, to himself. You'll Enjoy if You Like: Firewatch, The Witness and Limbo.
Download: None currently available

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