Cendric Ironbell 2018

This combines RPG and Platformer elements in one game, featuring both a sidescroller and top-down view. The player follows the story of a boy with no memory and discovers the magical but dangerous world of Admantris. During the game, spells from various classes of magic can be mastered which are used to fight enemies and solve puzzles. Features: Different spells let you modify your environment; Spells can be upgraded and modified; 3 different guilds to join with unique equipment and spells; Over 50 handmade levels and maps; Lots of items and quests; Over 80 NPCs with unique dialogues; Platforming and spell puzzles; Reputation system; Live combat system; Challenging difficulty; ~10 hours of playtime; ~1h of awesome original soundtrack; Swiss German localization - The game is available in a language that doesn't even exist in its written form. The engine is custom-made and is based on the SFML library.
Download: None currently available

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