Panatubo: The Search for the Lost Shrine Tom DeCillis 2000

A text adventure without a text parser -- all input is done using buttons and icons. Windows 3.1 executable. We are for the second time on the beautiful island of Panatubo to look for the lost casket. Unfortunately we could not enjoy our first stay because of the little courteous inhabitants of the little coastal village of Vaidya and especially because of a disease that had forced us to go home. But now we find that the village has in the meantime been abandoned and gives the impression of being very poorly reduced. Even the indigenous people living in the forests, the people of Shistra, do not contribute to make us feel comfortable. That is, they have never seen any person who has put foot in the woods. With a feeling a little strange in the stomach we are going to explore the place and the surrounding territories, but first we have to take everything with us which has not been firmly fixed and stable. The adventure with the text is commanded completely with the mouse, whereby through the icons are managed in the direction imprinted to the movement and actions like: see, attack, take and memorize. Each time the description of the space is displayed in a separate window with text.
Shareware Level Demo 26kb (uploaded by myloch)

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