Briganty: The Roots of Darkness [J] GIGA / Technical Group Laboratory Inc. 1999

Gady is a black magician and a skillful martial artist who travels around with his personal fairy Leena. Gady is more interested in sexy girls than in anything else, and Leena calls him "the pervert of the century". One day the two of them find a girl in the woods who begs for help. After Gady agrees to help her, she robs all his money and disappears. Before long Gady and Leena meet a sword master girl named Sephina, who explains that her sister started acting strangely after finding a mysterious sword. This is where Gady's adventure begins. This is a side-scrolling action game first on PC-98 in 1995 with role-playing, platforming and beat-em-up elements. Stages are selected from a map and for the most part must be completed in a linear order, though at some points the player can choose which stage to tackle first. In the town it is possible to heal and save the game. The player controls Gady most of the time, though in some stages Sephina is the playable character. Both can jump, defend, and dash; Gady uses fists to beat up enemies, while Sephina fights with a sword. Stages are populated by various types of enemies and usually culminate in boss battles; jumping on platforms and avoiding hazards is fairly frequent. Experience points are awarded for defeating enemies. As the two protagonists level up they learn various combo moves and magic attacks. The game contains some cutscenes with explicit nudity.
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Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by Scaryfun) 84MB

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