Divided: Soul Theft Jagged Games 2018

Late one night, you get a frantic message from your amateur ghost hunting partner Dante... "The mansion, it's real and it's ALIVE with paranormal activity. GET HERE NOW!" You immediately drive to the house to find DANTE gone, and start to receive mysterious texts from him, guiding you to solve the DIVIDED SOUL THEFT ritual. Explore a truly haunted house, with multiple clue types: sound, picture and actions specifically designed for VR experiences. The pupose was to design and build a game unique for VR that everyone would want to own... with the sole purpose of scaring their friends and showing off the amazing qualities of playing in VR. So gather your friends, sit down and see who can make it past the first encounter with... HER. Who can solve the mystery first and guide the ghost hunter to success. As an brand new indie game company we HOPE you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Features: Immersive Location to Explore; Variety of unique VR specific actions to play with; Soundtrack designed to interact with the gamer to enhance the horror experience; SINGULAR goal... SCARE PEOPLE.
Download: None currently available

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