Mercury Blue Turbo Chimp 2018

This is a sci-fi comedy adventure for Windows PC. It is a classic point-and-click puzzle game at its core, but contains lush 3D environments with action elements throughout the adventure. The game is driven by an in-depth story and exciting characters helping to draw players into its universe. The player plays (primarily) as the main protagonist, Jake Hunter. Jake and his sidekick FU-2 must travel from planet to planet in search of excitement and adventure, all the while tracking down Jake's Nemisis, Vandros; The leader of the evil mining corporation, Conglomocorp. The game is episodic and set to span over 5 episodes. Features: Saucy Storylines - a rich narrative and crazy characters help bring the galaxy to life; Perplexing Puzzles - classic point-and-click puzzles that will leave you in stitches; Arcade Action - gratuitous, hard-core action...batteries included; Fart Jokes - Yep, they're in there alright. Mini-episode is a free demo.
Steam Free Mini Episode (uploaded by Steam)

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