Witch of Salzburg, The [J] T.Dogs / System Sacom Corporation 1998

A group of present-day students investigate the history behind a 500-year old Austrian Witch-hunt in this adventure. Set in the present day of 1997, a group of Japanese people (seven men and a woman, I believe; not sure on if one is male or female) are visiting a creepy castle in Salzburg, Germany, where some awful things happened back in the 1500s. Back then, a beautiful but picked-on woman killed another woman who was supposedly a witch. She was locked up to be burned at the stake as a witch herself, but mysterious things apparently are still happening in the castle. Naturally, given the genre, the characters won't all survive this adventure, that's for sure. You play as a young guy, and will have to figure out what is going on. It mostly uses a top-down perspective, with you moving around a somewhat ugly-looking polygon model of your character in CG-rendered environments, instead of those other games' Myst-esque first-person, all-CG-rendered design styles. There are some first-person areas, and plenty of CG-rendered cutscenes just as in those other games, but most of the game is third person. As in Lunacy, there is a helpful map of the castle that the game takes place in in the manual, so refer to it if you forget where something is. Character control isn't great; it's too bad there is no analog support. This is NOT a survival horror game, though, so you have direct control, not tank controls, and there is no combat here, just exploration, conversations, more conversations, and some item puzzles. You'll make choices during conversations sometimes. This game has absolutely no voice acting; it's text-only, unfortunately.
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Japanese ISO Demo 241MB (uploaded by myloch)

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