Sunburnt Static Shell Studios 2018

Early Access Release This is a multiplayer zombie survival game where guns WON'T help you. Zombie outbreaks have struck the country, and only a few humans have survived. Conventional weapons have little effect on the dead but they have a weakness. Light and intensely painful sunburns. In 'Survival Mode' players will fight alone or together at night against waves of zombies. Days are safe & short, once the sun rises players have a limited time to loot the map for weapons/items to help them survive the looming darkness which awaits them. Make a stand and fight for as long as you can, competing with friends for the best score. Current game features: Fully functional 5 player multiplayer support; Lobby with server settings, quick game with search filters and Steam integration; Town center map with all accessible buildings and many lootable containers; Evolving day/night wave system that makes the game more challenging with every wave, throwing hundreds of zombies at you; Intricate zombie AI with line of sight, hearing and horde behaviour; Intuitive player, weapon and container inventory systems; Various light based weapons with different powers and rarity levels; Thought out item spawn system with logical spawn locations for specific items; Cooperative gameplay with player revive and kill assist systems; UI with item highlight, hints and menu systems; Full Xbox controller gamepad support; Some other fun surprises. Planned game features: More maps (various town areas such as suburbia, train station/depot and others); More light based weapons, traps and other items; Air drops; Stand-Off locations; In game merchant offering rare items and services in exchange for points/credits you have accumulated throughout the game session; A campaign game mode where the survivors will have to complete objectives in order to be rescued and escape with their lives; Mechanics polish and overall performance improvements; More zombie types and behaviours; More playable characters; Steam achievements; Leaderboards.
Download: None currently available

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