Alice Must Find The Key To Escape Tonee Ltd 2018

Alice is locked in here own dream and she needs help to get from her deep level of unconsciousness. While she was taking care of her sick mother in the Garfield's Castle, a bolt strikes from the sky and hit Alice and she falls down in unconsciousness, and that is how her journey begin. What was this mystery job, and did this happens to her? In order to find out all the answers to the questions, we need to pass all the levels in Alice's consciences, so that she get out where she is trapped. Strange and mystic journey lies ahead. Alice is smart, talented and gifted young girl, but she has a bad vice. She is very vain, and she likes to watch herself in an imaginary mirror. Be careful not to let that happen, because she starts to do it, you will lose her attention, and will be lost. In the game, you will find 8 levels, each and every one will be much more difficult than the previous one. More hidden objects, more hidden items and even more hidden keys. Try to find everything needed and try to break down the mystery of Alice's world. These are some of the items included in the game: arrow, book, car, ball, scissors, key, guitar. Warning! You should be very careful, because some of the levels hide dangerous traps, which can kill Alice in her mind. These are some of the traps that lies ahead: door spikes, arrow, hole, gas. Don't forget, that the main purpose is to outsmart her consciousness, and try to find as many buried items as you can.
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