Der Eisplanet [G] Motelsoft GmbH 1994

The Eisplanet is a strategy-adventure game. The Iceplanet is the continuation of "Die Insel". Goal of the game is to find the time machine and to return into the own world. For that you must: examine the Iceplanet and speak with the people; execute the tasks of princess Pandra; stop the sect of the Salaner; destroy the icecamps of the Salaner; destroy the shield generators of the Salaner; and fulfil many other tasks. To gain your stock to develop your army, BARTERING can be operated with the cities, or simply plunder them. But the Salaner don't look inactive on it - they gather together. Maybe you should bring the guns into action and come with a tank at once. May you be victorious and come back home healthy.
German Full Demo 3MB (uploaded by myloch)

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