Adventures of Clive McMulligan on Planet Zeta Four, The Broke Astronaut 2018

Welcome to Planet Zeta Four. Our would be hero Clive McMulligan has crash landed and is now in search of a new ride. Guide Clive through obstacles, traps, and a plethora of space bugs out to kill him. Dodge, dip and flip as you navigate this disastrous landscape. Clive McMulligan is not just your ordinary space man, his suit comes equipped with a special gravity altering device. Unfortunately this device is very temperamental and you'll have to get it recharged by using the planets gravity tubes. Where did these pieces of technology come from? Why did humanity seemingly evacuate the planet? These answers and more, or not, coming to a 2D puzzle platforming space mans adventure near you. This is reminiscent of old school 2D platformers from days gone by. Don't expect a walk in the park, Clive delivers a very challenging adventure. With over 70 levels to conquer, complete with secret levels and hidden treasures, you'll be tested to your limits. Clive features unlockable characters, bonus cheat menus, and even deeper secrets for you to discover that will come to your aid. For those in dire need of completing a stage, planet Zeta Four features an Automated Support System that will give you the crutch needed to win. On the opposite spectrum, and for the masters looking for a true challenge, Clive grants awards for completing stages without losing a single life. Speed runners will also be intrigued as they must beat the developers master times.
Download: None currently available

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