Protocol Fair Games Studio 2018

You were chosen to carry out the Protocol program. Your objective is to make first contact with an alien life form. Any violation leads to the elimination of you and the whole operation. Remember, the fate of the humanity depends on your actions. Once signed, Protocol must be promptly implemented. Have a nice day. P.S. Black humor, aliens, plots, AI, sci-fi - there's going to be everything that we love. It's a first-person action adventure game, where you have to solve bizarre tasks given by an artificial intelligence and at the same time conduct your own investigation. Welcome to the Complex - Dive into a tense, dashingly twisted plot, actions of which take place in a secret and dangerous complex somewhere in the Arctic circle. Are you following the protocol or going against the system? You can play either on PC, using keyboard and mouse, or using a VR headset.
Download: None currently available

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