Pocket Dream: First [J] Vision Soft 1998

A hentai visual novel with four scenarios. SCENARIO # 1 Elevator Trouble: The player who became late after returning because of the cleaning duty annulled always on the elevator. In the elevator is a favorite elevator girl and with the two alone, suddenly trouble occurs in the elevator. Behind closed doors, players approach the elevator girl only with a chance. SCENARIO # 2 Tea-tasting Coffee Shop: Playful in a part-time job, an employee is scolded by the manager today with punishment duty. The treasure of the manager who found it in the middle of punishment duty. The store manager noticed a big explosion. At last, the punishment of the butt beating, and it is a very H corporal punishment before one is aware. SCENARIO # 3 Hospital night: In the long hospital life, the fight against anxiety attacked every day. Will the player really survive? The fact that overheard by chance, the answer demanded by the nurse is a surprise. SCENARIO # 4 Private teacher: Leaving the player behind, the parents go on a trip. The present from the parents to the player who does not intend to go on to college is a home teacher. The tutor who showed up is a beautiful woman, and reluctantly to make her study seriously.
Japanese ISO Demo 440MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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