Topsy + Tim at the Supermarket Europress 1995

Topsy and Tim is a series of children's books written by Jean Adamson and Gareth Adamson about twins and their adventures. They were first published in 1960 and were relaunched in new editions in February 2003. A BBC television series came out later in 2013. One of three "Topsy and Tim" titles published on CD-ROM format. It contains the text of the book with enhanced illustrations allowing the user to "play" with the characters in the book. Shakespearean actors tell the story, animations and dramatic sound effects add atmosphere. There will also be a game linked to the book included on the disc where kids can learn to recognize shapes, patterns and colours. They can colour in pictures using an electronic paintbox which actually speaks the names of the colours or can test their skills with an electronic jigsaw.
ISO Demo 128MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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