Paranormal Agency Positive Games, Shape Games Inc. / G5 Entertainment AB 2008

Heather Williams is a paranormal investigator with supernatural powers, and the ability to exorcise possessed objects. She must confront a ghost from her past that is terrorizing the city. This is a hidden object game, where cluttered rooms have to be cleared by finding and clicking on specific objects, listed at the right side of the screen, within a time limit in classic mode. The relaxed mode, selectable at the start, removes the time constraints. In some places, the list shows the object silhouette instead of words. The plot is shown as cutscenes and dialog between the characters that are present on some locations. Mini-games appear occasionally, taking place on a separate screen with implementations of classic puzzles like jigsaw, concentration and similar games. They can be skipped without penalty. In a standard gameplay variation of the genre, the screen is sometimes split in two similar images, and the player has to click on the differences. In some screens, the objective is to find all possessed objects that have a otherworldly glow around them. The hint button highlights the position of one object. Extra hints can be collected as ? marks on the screen, and up to 6 can be stored for later use.
Full Demo 30MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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