Penocchio [It] Game Over 1999

What was the part of Penocchio that stretched? Doh! Finally discover the "real" story of Penocchio, a simple piece of wood transformed by Geppetto into a tireless puppet, to satisfy his sexual BDSM fantasies. But the magical intervention of a very uninhibited fairy changes the course of events: "From a beautiful log you were born a puppet well endowed, I want your meat and I do it without cheating " exclaimed the porch fairy as soon as he saw the puppet, then with a shot of magic wand gave birth to Penocchio and added: "Only if you know you remain on the right path I will not send you away and if in the end your 'daddy' you'll find, forever you'll love me ". Wide the leaf and narrow the way here begins the story of the puppet with the biggest wood there is.
Italian Clone ISO Demo 398MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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