School House Rock!: Thinking Games Deluxe Creative Wonders / The Learning Company 1999

This is a two-CD set containing ten games. These games are split into two sections. The First are called "Thinking Games" and are on the first CD. The Second set are "Learning Adventures" and are contained on the second CD. The games can be played in any order, but it is recommended that players explore the "Thinking Games" before moving on to the "Learning Adventures", as the second set of games expand on the lessons in the first set. Additionally, the "Thinking Games" are set up as arcade-style games, while the "Learning Adventures" are more open-ended. It contains over 60 mind-enriching games and activities. From the mental challenges in Lucky's Arcade to the adventures in the Schoolhouse Rock land of learning, this program is deigned to bring children endless hours of learning and fun. It is designed for children to develop essential critical thinking problem solving and reasoning skills while having a blast playing fun-filled activities.
2CD ISO Demo 552+454MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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