Scrolling Game Development Kit (GameDev) 1 + 2 Benjamin Marty 2001

The Scrolling Game Development Kit ("GameDev") is a free open source tool for 2-D game development. It is designed for the Windows 9x/DirectX platform, and targeted at people spanning a range of skill levels. It can be used by the beginner to become familiar with the structure of computer games and to create complete games that don't require any coding. It also has applications for the experienced developer who perhaps simply wants to use the program to draw the graphics or define maps. And in the middle there's applications for creating a game and controlling it through scripting. GameDev features a graphics editor with smoothing and anti-aliased rotation abilities. The graphics editor is used to edit graphics for tiles and sprites. GameDev has a tile matching editor which allows you to define how tiles fit together, which makes drawing coherent maps much easier. The map editor has a built in maze generator which can create mazes based on tile matching definitions or on a single tile against the background. It supports scripting which allows you to customize how the map and graphics editors work, even without recompiling the program. Scripting can also be used at game runtime to control details of the gameplay. Paths can be defined in the map editor, and various types of sprites can be defined based on the graphics and the paths contained in the project. Animated tiles are also supported. Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 (2007) All-in-one program for creating 2D scrolling games. Compile your games into stand-alone .NET executables or customizable C# source code. The IDE and framework are build on OpenTK, which wraps OpenGL, so generated games can be cross-platform. Features: Built-in graphics editor with alpha translucency and anti-aliased tools including rotation. Frameset editor to designate real-time anti-aliased transforms without storing transformed copies of graphics. Multi-layer parallax scrolling map editor. Support for animated and overlapping tiles. Generates Visual Studio projects for enhanced editing and debugging. Project format includes all game resources and code in one file for easy extensibility and portability. Export fully functional games to HTML5 to play on other platforms.
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Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 - Free Download v2.31 5.3MB (uploaded by Source Forge)
Scrolling Game Development Kit - Free Download v1.46 4MB (uploaded by Source Forge)

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