Early Math Bright Star Technology / Sierra On-Line, Kidsoft 1995

This teaches your child math without them even knowing it. Loid, an animated alien, guides kids through such important math concepts as counting, addition, subtraction, geometric shapes and pattern recognition, through games such as counting sheep and feeding the fish. Remember your favorite teacher, the one who made subjects come alive and made learning a joyous experience? Now your child can have that same excitement with Loid, an animated and talkative alien, as a personal math coach. He's knowledgeable and patient, and his only goal is to help your child learn and enjoy math. Answering Loid's questions is easy and fun because he talks your child through the activities every step of the way. Verbal instructions and simple point-and-click responses mean no reading or parental supervision is required. Loid increases the difficulty level as your child's knowledge grows, while the special parent's screen lets you track the progress. It creates an effective learning environment by emphasizing problem solving through analysis. Six activities cover the areas established in the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics from the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics. Your child will learn important math concepts such as counting, geometric shapes and pattern recognition, addition, subtraction, spatial concepts, and one-to-one correspondence. Counting sheep teaches number symbols, words for numbers, counting, and more. By feeding the fish, your child learns addition and subtraction. Rotating and fitting shapes together teaches basic geometry skills and spatial concepts. A special parent's screen lets you keep up with your child's progress.
Full Demo 5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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