Sultan's Labyrinth, The BrutoMemo Entertainment, Seven Sails Comunicacao e Desenvolvimento Ltda. / Big Fish Games Inc. 2008

This is a hidden object game with adventure and puzzle portions. The game takes place in the titular labyrinth, where each screen represents a room filled with objects. Besides the standard seek-and-find mechanics, where the player has to find objects that match the silhouettes listed at the right side of the screen, each room/screen has other variations of gameplay. In the adventure-like variation, the objects have to be used to escape the room. In one variation the screen is split in two similar halves, and the player has to click on the differences. Sometimes the player has to find several instances of an object (for example, 20 coins). Three mini-games appear between rooms: a tangram mosaic that must be assembled, a concentration game with cards and a silhouette matching game. Each room starts with three hints.
Full Demo 61MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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