Alter Cosmos Pyramid Games 2018

Experience comic book style adventure with Aliencat in a world taken over by a global totalitarian system. Find a way through dangerous situations, gather your crew, find and prepare a ship and escape into cosmos – an infinitive space where everything is possible. Unlock the secrets of The Waves of Distortions. Features: interactive comic book game; point and click adventure, science-fiction, horror, black humor; original 2d illustrations, concept and script - by Zimzonowicz; original music, futuristic post-hardcore / rockabilly / surff / punk / funk created by talented multi-instrumentalist Przemysław Bielecki and Damian Zwoliński. Behold the alien cat - mutated, dangerous, predator. Experimental hybrid of cat, human and genes of extraterrestrial race No. AX-221/Nostromo. An every day lazy glutton fond of beer and regenerative naps in peace and quiet. Features: Interactive adventure in a comic book style; Original visual design; Point-and-click to use objects; Collect and apply varied items; Hand-to-hand or ranged combat; Character dialogue interaction. There is a comic book adaptation in the works which expands the Alter Cosmos world with new plots, characters and locations. This project is a beginning of a new adventure.
Download: None currently available

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