Schwarzschild X [J] Kogado Studio / NEC Interchannel 1999

In this strategic sci-fi war simulation, players advance the path of federal control as the leader of the Karon Liberation Army. It seems that this game also does not have Hao ED (an ED that can be seen by controlling all the stars). Instead, there are sub-scenarios for each country and you can see the circumstances of the country. (Egara is pleasant so let 's hold out all the Egara territory.) As a feature of this game, there is a thing called the commander's use. Since "event does not occur unless this commander is available when holding down a particular star system" event occurrence condition, an event will occur that you miss seeing when you play without knowing. Except for those events, the story is one trail so we will proceed along the flow. Unlike the previous works, there are talks that you do not understand unless you are doing past works, so you can enjoy more by playing past works (especially W). Do not forget to bring up fleets because of the capabilities of the commander. Because the De Pelane class fortress ship is the strongest ship, it may be better to intensively train missiles. In some cases, before the fleet reaches the borders of the next battle country, we will open up the battle, so let's limit the defense power of the border star system to MAX. If you do that, it will prevent the enemy fleet with just the defense power of the star system. The points to raise defense power are as follows: Main star and its surroundings (initial territory except San Siro); The border of the Western Region (the first star system that attacked); Beckham and its surroundings (most important); The borders of the Southern area (the first star system that attacked); It is good that the first Eastern Controlling Area educates the domestic officers by sticking to the point of declaration of war on Egara or Zeula (final goal = 2 thousand).
Japanese Clone 2CD ISO Demo (provided by annoyment & upped by Scaryfun) 633MB

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