Psychic Detective Series Vol. 6: Solitude (Joukan) [J] Data West 1998

Several months after the events of the "Nightmare" part. "Aya Shingonji is alive, I need your help" said the man who visited the hero at the hospital room. Katsuya Furuyagi lost much of his psychic force after the "Nightmare" incident when he spend almost all of his power to to drag the consciousness of murdered Langhao who got resurrected to the body of Rosemary girl. Aya was Katsuya former lover who lost consciousness and existed on a vegetative level with life support system. Is Aya truly alive? The biggest crisis of the series approaches. This is the first half of the final volume of the story and things get terribly complicated here. Lots of previous works are interlinked here, so trying to discuss the story without a firm knowledge of previous parts is useless. Retrospective scenes jumps here and there all the time and it's difficult to follow the story. The game only covers a week of living in the Aya parents house prior to the dive into Aya mind which happens only in the following game, so evaluation of this part as a stand-alone game is not high.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 178MB

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